About Us

Founded in July 2012, Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation Inc is the next chapter in Bob Irwin’s life-long commitment to the environment. There is no more recognised name in the history of conservation and the protection of wildlife in Australia than Irwin, and Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation Inc seeks to build upon, expand and secure the legacy started by Bob and his son Steve.

Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation Inc (an incorporated association)  is a not-for-profit conservation foundation dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and its habitat for the benefit of current and future generations.

The focus of Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation Inc is in three key areas:


  • Community education regarding Australia’s unique wildlife and habitats, the value and importance of protection, and the sharing of protective practices that can be applied at home, in your neighbourhood, your school and suburb;
  • Education is two-way, and working with Indigenous communities around Australia, the Foundation seeks to learn and to share information with the aim of encouraging and assisting their involvement in the conservation of wildlife in Australia;
  • Provision of financial scholarships/bursaries to encourage young Australians to develop a career in the area of wildlife and habitat protection.


  • Providing direct financial support to grassroots organisations active in rescuing and rehabilitating, protecting and researching our wildlife, where such organisations are making a tangible, meaningful and measurable difference;
  • Assisting grassroots wildlife protection projects and organisations in obtaining funding from other sources, raising their profile and support from their immediate communities;
  • Adding our voice to debate, to grassroots campaigns and supporting communities to live more sustainably within our unique environment in Australia.


  • Lobbying governments and government agencies at all levels to ensure that the protection of Australia’s wildlife is a key tenet of government decision making;
  • Providing support to communities advocating for the preservation of threatened wildlife and at risk habitat;
  • Partnering with corporations to assist them develop management practices that will ensure the sustainable use of habitat resources and the protection of wildlife.

We hope to motivate and encourage like-minded people and corporations to join us in this mission, so that together we may make a difference and arrest the decline in our native wildlife and its habitats, for the sake of our children, their children and generations to come.

We are dedicated to building our Foundation with honesty and integrity, and look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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