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Ever wondered what you can do?

Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation is delighted to announce that you can now help us fundraise! Create your own online Fundraising [...]

Donations tax deductible

Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation Inc. has now been entered into the Register of Environmental Organisations (the Register). As a Deductible Gift [...]

In defence of the shark

I recently read a very profound article written by a surfer - Samuel Carmody - in reference to the West Australian Government's [...]

Elephant-Human Relations Aid (EHRA)

In June 2013, conservationists Greg Johnstone and Jess Mowat went to Namibia on a project that aims to alleviate human-elephant conflict with [...]

Bob Irwin on NQ Crocodiles

Bob has just returned from a trip to Cairns to discuss the Queensland government’s crocodile plan. […]

Seventh anniversary of the passing of Steve

Still sorely missed. […]

Libs/Coalition Policy to End Illegal Hunting

Congratulations to the Coalition on the announcement of their well thought out policy to end the illegal hunting of turtles and dugongs under the guise of traditional hunting. […]

Horror video shows sea turtles & dugongs killed in barbaric fashion

SEA turtles and dugongs are being slaughtered by indigenous people during the "grace period" attached to new animal cruelty laws, welfare groups [...]

Cruel indigenous harvest continues

LARGE numbers of north Queensland dugongs and turtles are being cruelly harvested during a grace period attached to new animal protection laws. [...]

Bob Irwin thanks Animal Coalition members

Bob Irwin has been touched with the response from other conservation organisations to his call for a united voice in demanding a [...]