Allen & Unwin Books to Publish Bob Irwin’s Autobiography

Thursday September 1, 2016

“When the world lost Steve, the animals lost the best friend they ever had, and so did I.” – Bob Irwin

Bob Irwin is a true Australian legend and Allen & Unwin is delighted to announce that his memoir, THE LAST CROCODILE HUNTER: A FATHER AND SON LEGACY, will be published on Wednesday October 26, 2016.

The Last Crocodile Hunter- A Father & Son Legacy

The Last Crocodile Hunter- A Father & Son Legacy

Co-authored with trusted friend Amanda French, the book uncovers the man behind the legend and explains how a plumber from Melbourne became a conservation pioneer, began Australia Zoo and raised his wildlife warrior son, the great Steve Irwin.

The book opens with a real tear-jerker – a remarkable letter from a 32-year-old Steve to his Mum and Dad which Bob only found this year. The unopened envelope (inscribed: Please be happy to know that your strength and wisdom have been passed on) fell from a book during Bob’s research for this book.

THE LAST CROCODILE HUNTER details a remarkable father/son relationship that built a worldwide audience for Steve and inspired people around the world to follow their passion.

“My Dad, just the legend of the universe. When I was the tiniest little kid, I’d look up to my dad and he was larger than life, he was just this action hero. He was everything I wanted to be. And all I’ve done in my life is follow in his footsteps, mimic him and try to be him. And nowadays I just try to make him proud, mate.” – Steve Irwin, Enough Rope, ABC TV

Bob told his story to Amanda French over a 20,000 kilometre road trip to some of Australia’s most spectacular locations. Initially reluctant to share, Bob gradually opened-up to Amanda to reveal 77-years’ worth of stories that will move and inspire readers. “Who is Bob Irwin?” asks Amanda. “He’s just Bob, and that means a lot to everyday Australians who thought they couldn’t make a difference. Bob did it and so can you. He is every bit the father of the man.”

Bob says: “Working on this book, I have been constantly reminded of Steve’s boundless energy, infectious humour and unrestrained passion for wildlife in our far too short a time together. But he is still here, still with me and I am able to gain strength from him. What he stood for and what he was able to achieve means just as much now as when he was here in the physical world.”

“There are so many people who have been inspired by Steve Irwin. I am really, really proud of that. I hope that sharing these stories can be a pertinent reminder of the enormity of his legacy, a legacy that has not only taught us the importance of reconnecting with our environment but to be passionate in doing so.”

THE LAST CROCODILE HUNTER: A FATHER AND SON LEGACY will be launched in Sydney on Tuesday October 25, 2016. Media copies of the book will be available on that date. For all media enquiries please contact